About Us

Pakwan first opened its doors in 1999 when two partners, Khalid and Shahbaz, decided it was time to turn their dream into reality.

Their vision of an authentic and traditional Bay Area Pakistani Indian restaurant planted its roots in San Francisco, where Pakwan quickly became an acclaimed favorite amongst families, businesses and tourists.

Amid the hundreds of restaurants in San Francisco, Pakwan is hard to miss, with traditional setting only added to the restaurant’s recognition and popularity.

Due to its successful beginning as a recognized Bay Area San Francisco Pakistani Indian restaurant, Pakwan established more locations in the East Bay (Hayward and Fremont).

Today, Pakwan the Bay Area Pakistani Indian restaurant is a favorite dining destination, at any of its four locations.

Our Bay Area Pakistani Indian Restaurant specializes in mouth watering Pakistani Indian food. Using our unique combination of Indian spices and traditional cooking, we work hard to bring you dishes made from authentic recipes of the Subcontinent.

We promise to serve genuine Pakistani Indian food that keeps you coming back for more. With four locations (two in San Francisco, one in Hayward and Fremont), our primary goal is to ensure our customers enjoy the tastiest and highest quality food at an authentic Pakistani Indian restaurant.

Pakwan offers professional catering services and is always ready to serve your special events, whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate event, or any other special occasion. We have a variety of dishes to select from, with affordable prices for all your Indian catering needs.

If you are in San Francisco or in the East Bay, you are only minutes away from Pakwan, the authentic Bay Area Pakistani Indian catering and restaurant.